More About Total Theatre Explores

The Total Theatre Explores research project is hosted by Total Theatre Network. The project research was undertaken between 2003-2005.

The Explores legacy lives on in this website, which is intended as a permanent resource set up to celebrate the work of women practitioners of physical and visual performance, give insight into a diverse range of working practices by women artists, and provide information of use to anyone interested in women working within physical and visual performance.

Total Theatre Explores aimed to carry out research into the needs of female practitioners within the physical and visual performance sector. Explores developed from being a training-based project to encompass action research through individual consultations with female artists, networking and discussion events, and the findings which now inform this website. The final stage of the project saw a commissioning of articles written by female practitioners of physical and visual theatre and performance, including women directors, producers, dramaturgs, scenographers and performers.

All of these strands of research aimed to both raise and address issues of importance to women theatre and performance practitioners, and to give a voice to women artists to evaluate and reflect on their own work within the general cultural context of contemporary performance.

Total Theatre Explores, which specifically addresses gender and performance, is a discrete project presented within the broader framework of Total Theatre Network's remit to celebrate and promote physical and visual performance.

Total Theatre is one of forty-one partners working to improve employment practice within the creative sector through the Creative Renewal project funded by Equal, a European Social Fund programme, and led by EQ (formerly known as Metier). Creative Renewal was intended to enable partners to develop innovative approaches to break down barriers to employment and training. For the final stage of Creative Renewal, EQ will disseminate the collective knowledge and experience gained through the project in order to share it with a wider audience including policy makers, employers and practitioners.

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