Total Theatre Explores:
Age and the Female Body within Physical and Visual Performance

As part of the Interdisciplinary Landscapes: Postfeminist Practices in the Arts conference, which took place on 17th September 2004 at University College Northampton, Total Theatre Explores presented a panel presentation and discussion on Age and the Female Body within Physical and Visual Performance.

An international panel of experienced female theatre/performance practitioners each made a presentation on their work, contributing to a vital and engaging debate on the subject of age and the female body within physical and visual performance.

This panel presentation and discussion was part of a five-day event that explored many different aspects of women artists' and academics' experiences and reflections, within a cross-artform context. Included in the event were not only the presentation of academic papers and discussion panels but also performances, installations, performative lectures, exhibitions and social events.

In this section of the Explores website you will find the full transcription of the presentations given at:

Age and the Female Body within Physical and Visual Performance,

and also

Exploring the Landscape - Dymphna Callery,

which is a summary and reflection by the chair of the panel, placing it within the context of the conference.

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