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Interviews by Becca Gill & Felicity Hall


Contributors: Anna Birch, Virginia Farman, Alex Hoare, Marigold Hughes, Miriam King, Alex Mermikides, Dorothy Max Prior, Beccy Smith, Carran Waterfield

Some of the articles in the Reflections section previously appeared in Total Theatre Magazine or in volumes of the User's Guide series (published by University of Winchester). These are reproduced with kind permission. See each article for specific credits.


Thanks to University College Northampton who hosted the Interdisciplinary Landscapes: Postfeminist Practices in the Arts conference, which took place 17 September 2004.

Transcription of panel discussion: Rosie McKay

Overview article by panel chair Dymphna Callery. This article originally appeared in Total Theatre Magazine and is reproduced with permission

Photographer Credits


Images with each interview are of the relevant artist and/or her work: they were submitted by the artist for use with the interview, and remain the copyright of each artist


Cos I'm a Woman by Miriam King:
Target image is of Leslie Hill in Smoking Gun.
Phantom Arm image is of Miriam King's alter-ego Gracie.
De Castro photo by Paul Floyd Blake
Dramaturgy in Action by Beccy Smith:
photos are of Petra's Pulse Drinking the Dawn
Bid Daddy v Mother Hen by Marigold Hughes:
Photos are of Scarlet Theatre and Quinconque. Quiconque images by Lynne Forbes
Through the Threshold by Carran Waterfield:
All images are by the artist of her cited projects
A Woman's Place by Alex Hoare:
All photos by the artist
The Mother by Dorothy Max Prior:
Photos of Tanushka Marah in Mary of No Man's Land
Dances on Street Corners:
Photos of Virginia Farman by Charlotte Macpherson
Wollstonecraft Live! by Anna Birch:
All photos by Taey Kim
The Right Kit:
photos of live and screened images from Lightwork's London My Lover
Going to Extremes by Dorothy Max Prior:
Photos of Miss High Leg Kick by Darren Evans (mirror) and Jean-Marc Puissant (silhouette)
Show Girl image from International Workshop Festival, Nymph image is of Katie Etheridge

All images in Reflections are reproduced with kind permission of the named artist or company and/or the photographer, to specifically publicise the work of that artist/company, and copyright is retained by the relevant artists/photographers


All images used in this section are by Landscapes conference photographer-in-residence Franc Chamberlain, who retains all rights.