Welcome to the Total Theatre Explores website.
Here you will find information, reflection and commentary by and about women performance artists and theatre practitioners.

This website is the culmination of the Explores project and acts as a holding space for the research generated, and as a permanent resource for the physical and visual performance sector.

Total Theatre Explores, which specifically addresses gender and performance, is a discrete project presented within the broader framework of Total Theatre Network's remit to celebrate and promote physical and visual performance, which includes, amongst other forms and hybrids, physical and devised theatre, visual performance, dance theatre, circus, street arts and live art. See www.totaltheatre.org.uk

The opportunity for women to present their own views of their work and to reflect on their own practice is something that we felt should be a vital part of the Explores research programme.

In VOICES we present a series of interviews with women practitioners of physical and visual performance. Each interviewed artist tells of her own unique experience within contemporary performance practice.

In REFLECTIONS we present a series of feature articles written by women performers, producers, directors, scenographers and dramaturgs, each taking the opportunity to reflect on her work and the work of other women within whatever terms she feels are appropriate.

In LANDSCAPES we highlight the Total Theatre Explores panel presentation on Age and the Female Body within Physical and Visual Performance, held at Interdisciplinary Landscapes: Postfeminist Practices in the Arts, University College Northampton.

The RESOURCES section has information on training and professional development, publications and other media, arts organisations and other useful contacts.

Dorothy Max Prior - Editor
Felicity Hall - Director
Contact us on explores@totaltheatre.org.uk