Handsome Foundation, The Fear Show

Review in Issue 8-3 | Autumn 1996

In The Fear Show, subliminal messages of human destruction ran parallel to banal and off-beat humour that didn’t always hit home. Handsome Foundation presented a weirdly hypnotic visual performance revolving around human fear. Audience expectations were thrown overboard as a surreal and strange performance emerged. The audience were subjected to repetitively disjointed, mechanical music and action with scarce opportunity for laughter, shock or angst. The language was monosyllabic, music was off-key and body language was inward and awkward. The whole performance presented conflicts reflecting lost innocence and communication breakdowns. It wove in and out of themes and issues with its focal point on the psychological, emotional and physical effects of AIDS. Ultimately it was a flat and disengaging portrayal which was neither comfortable nor easy to digest.

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Issue 8-3
p. 21