Rejects Revenge, Peasouper

Review in Issue 8-1 | Spring 1996

Peasouper is a Victorian melodrama telling the tragic, romantic and fast-moving tale of the search for Uncle Stanley Willowby and the precious Tiger Pearl. David Alison, Ann Farrar and Tim Hibbard took us from a foggy Hampstead to the pyramids of Egypt and on to New York and the Wild West. Directed by Bim Mason, the intriguing drama is unravelled through a torrent of words and a flood of physical comedy. Tim and David were hysterically funny as cavorting camels with amazing contorting faces. In one of the best scenes, the villain and heroes pursued each other in a nail-biting railway carriage rooftop chase. Thrilling tunnel ducking, dastardly uncoupling of the carriages, and heroic clinging on, in and out of the train had one teetering on the edge of the seat.

Bim Mason and the Rejects used all possible physical gags and took every opportunity for verbal jokes. Some terrible puns crept in and one laughed anyway because they were so bad. Peasouper quite rightly won the 1995 Edinburgh Festival Fringe Award. A stunningly superb thrilling comic melodrama. Absolutely brilliant.

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  1. Jan 1996

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