Pep Bou, Bufaplanetes

Review in Issue 10-1 | Spring 1998

With soap bubbles, light, colour and cigarette smoke as his raw materials, Pep Bou creates an inspiring and delightful spectacle. Assisted by Jaume Ventura, he performs a show which explores the world of soap bubbles. After testing his soapy concoction and eating one or two bubbles, Pep Bou juggles with the bubbles and fills them with soap and rolls them down a slope. He is charming as he takes great pleasure in popping his fragile spheres on his elbow and bottom and as he bursts one under his hat too.

The technical wizardry is breathtaking and stunning. But what makes this show so inspiring and beautiful are the performances of Pep Bou and Jaume Ventura. Their stage relationship is superb to watch; they have such fun playing with the bubbles. For example, because the atmosphere in the auditorium has to be kept humid in order for the bubbles to work, Ventura sprays water and gradually a water fight begins. Inevitably the audience end up slightly damp and Bou leaves the stage to dab people down. This leads into a marvellous routine with a member of the public, ending up with a woman on stage playing ping pong with soap bubbles.

Bufaplantes is a wonderful show full of gentle clowning, amazing images of bubble storms and exploding fire bubbles. It has poetry and theatre magic, just as all good shows should.

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  1. Jan 1998

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